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Frequently Asked Questions

What time is pick up time?

Pick up time is 8:30 am from The West Cork Hotel, Ilen St, Skibbereen, Co. Cork and drop off time is approximately 17:00 depending on traffic.

Where is the pick up point for day trips?

Day trip pick up point is the West Cork Hotel, Ilen St, Skibbereen, Co. Cork in the reception. Pick up from your accommodation can be arranged in the local area by prior arrangement only.

Is there a minimum capacity?

For each day trip to go ahead, there must be minimum capacity of 4 people.

In the rare case where a trip is cancelled due to minimum capacity not being met, a full refund will be given back for any paid fees.

Please note that a private trip for a group less than 4 can be arranged for an appropriate fee.

Why is a pre-payment required?

A pre payment is required to prevent last minute cancellations.

Refund process.

Unfortunately, no refunds are given unless we are able to find another person to fill the booking.

As a rule no refund is given, but Atlantic Way Travel Ltd may choose to waive this rule in special circumstances.

Will we need additional money?

Additional money will be required to enter any attractions, lunch, refreshments or gifts that can be purchased along the way.

During your trip there will be a number stops where you can make purchases.

Can the tour route change without notice?

In circumstances the route may change slightly with out notice. This is normally in cases to divert from long traffic delays. Where a diversion is made, the allocated time will be used in another area along the way.

Stay tuned.


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